Tuesday, October 08, 2013

urge to purge

This is evidence of my urge to purge. I spent about four hours yesterday and again today, going through things, pitching, making piles, sorting, organizing. From whence did all this shit this come?

I have another giant pile in the basement. Clothes from all my phases. My "hey, this fits...buy it" phase to my "slutty old gal" phase to my current "contemporary grandma" phase. I'm sure when the folks come on the 17th to pick up our stuff, they will think someone died here because a currently alive person would never need all those clothes. Of course, I kept my favorites like the long white alpaca scarf.

You would think I would be done by now but I'm not. There are still many, many piles and shelves of junk to explore and dump. Regis is nervous.

I'm thinking of changing my station from the leopard chair to the new leather chair and a half. It's closer to the fireplace and I could hide my stash of necessary items....nail file, tissues, phone charger, laptop, list of things to do. I might have to experiment a little.

I work on Thursday morning in an EBD classroom. I know how that goes. I really, really love being able to work when I want to work. Not tomorrow, I have things to do. Not Friday, I have a haircut appointment. Next week doesn't look good either. Ha!

I talked to a community helper (?) today about our insurance options. At the end of the conversation, we agreed that what we currently have, in our current health circumstances, might be the best. No worries, no hassles...just great care. I wanted him to say that for $59 a month, I can get you no-deductible, no co-pay insurance! Great coverage...no cost. Yes!

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