Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We loaded up the family and went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. It was so cold and rainy and windy that it was a little hard to enjoy but the kids had fun. As you can see...no shortage of pumpkins.

I've been a little unhinged lately...just not feeling right in the head. I went to see Mary yesterday and she was not surprised based on what we talked about last week and what we are processing. I keep reading and searching and thinking I should be able to find the answer myself. Mary laughed and said why don't you try to take your own gall bladder out, Teresa? I guess that analogy makes sense.

I haven't been writing much and I can't seem to get much done. After my splurge of purging, I ran out of steam. It will come back, I know, but I am tried of moving the same pile of clothes around in our bedroom. Why don't I just put them away?

Regis went off to work today and I am alone with my thoughts. I am going to do things to treat myself well today. I did the plank challenge, I did my gratitude list. I am writing. I am going for a walk with my good friend, Deb. We like to visit, we like to walk, and she loves Gus so we all win.

I checked my blog stats this morning and damn if the post I wrote about the death of Bert, our Jack Russell Terrorist, in 2007 wasn't widely read this week. How strange. If you look down the right-hand side of my blog, there is a section called blasts from the past. Several are about Bert. He was a force to contend with.

Woodrow has been a delight and a devil this week. He tipped a vase of flowers onto the floor yesterday and he has begun to swipe pens. If you are missing a pen, it's a good bet that he nabbed it. He does make us laugh, though. He jumps on Gus and surprises him. Gus likes to play with him but they both have about a ten minute attention span...then they're done.

Off to enjoy the day. I thought I accepted a sub job but I didn't get a confirmation so I didn't have to go. Ah, well. What I'm doing is more fun anyway.

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