Monday, October 07, 2013

blog posts drifting through my mind

I read once that if you write often, you start to think like a writer. I often sift events of the day through my blog post filter. Too many times they drift away before I get them written down. I know I woke up this morning thing of something that would be a good topic but by the time I was done with all the morning start-up chores...nada.

We had a splendid weekend. We went to a wedding in Madison Lake of some young friends, Sam and Jessica. We met Sam about five years ago when he worked at Cedar's Grille. He was so friendly and personable that we often went there just to see him. Eventually, we met his girlfriend and got to know about his family and his dream to buy the Silver Dollar in Ghent, near my hometown.

Ella went to the wedding with us because she loves to dress up and she loves weddings. She started to cry early in the service, during the heavy Catholic stuff) and said she wanted to leave because it was sad. I told her I thought she was overcome with emotion rather than sadness. She was fine when we got to the lighter side of things. What do you expect when you have a wedding in front of Jesus hanging on the cross? Levity?

We had our picture taken with Jesus.

We had lunch at the Boat Landing in Madison Lake. A fine little place. It was customer appreciation day and they were serving free pork lunches with pumpkin bars for dessert. That is Midwestern hospitality. We sat at a window overlooking the lake and had a fine time.

Ella wanted to post these pictures on FB so we did. I got a note from my niece, Nicole, the next morning wondering how we know Sam and Jess. Nicole's husband hunts and fishes with the bride's dad, the bride's cousin was best man at Nicole's wedding, and her family has spent time at their family cabin. Small world.

We went to Zoey's birthday party at Sibley Park yesterday. It was cold and rainy and I don't think I have been that cold since we were in Pennsylvania during the infamous Nor'easter or the time I was in San Francisco. Brrrrr.

76yui is Woodrow's contribution to the blog this morning. Anybody translate kitten?

My urge to purge surges and wanes which means that I have boxes everywhere. Half-filled with stuff I might want to get rid of, I'm sure I want to get rid of, or I just don't want to deal with right now. I have been piling stuff in the porch all summer just go get it out of the way. I don't know if this comes with age, with breast cancer, with the easing of depression. It feels good no matter the cause.

My priority for today is to bring up some winter clothes. I have a big mess in the basement bedroom...clothes that don't fit, clothes I don't like anymore, clothes I wouldn't wear on a bet. I have to decide the best way to do this. Sort the basement stuff first before bringing one item upstairs. Then sort the upstairs clothes before taking anything downstairs.

My gratitude habit = successful! I wrote every day, at least three things for which I was grateful. I think it made a difference in my outlook. This month we're working on financial health and I am continuing with gratitude.

I have a draft of another post called scars. I'll work on that today.

Be sure to do something this week to celebrate the beautiful fall weather!

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