Tuesday, September 17, 2013

tuesday...no agenda items

Woodrow slept until 5 this morning and I was as grateful for that as I used to be when my babies slept through the night. He slept a lot yesterday, too, and just as with a baby, I could not bring myself to wake him. Doesn't really work anyway. Today, he has been riding around in the pocket of my vest. He isn't really fond of it but I tell him to pretend he's at the carnival.

I looked at my list of things to do this morning and told Regis that sometimes I write things on the list that I have already done just so I can cross them off. He said he does that, too, and just this morning he wrote "graduate high school" so he could cross that off. Funny.

I've been lingering over this post almost all day now. Not many words for a whole day's work, but as my list shows, I have been busy. I have made maybe four phone calls and answered several more. As I have had a complete aversion to making or answering the phone in the last nine months, I'd say this shows some mental health progress, too.

Tomorrow will be my first day as a substitute teacher. I have not darkened the door of a school since the day I left, June 30 of 2011. My neural network (ah, that again) shut down that day and it took me more than two years of intensive therapy and much wine to get it rebooted. Haha!

It feels like late October outside. I was thinking about walking down to the PO and the farmer's market but I wonder what kind of outwear to dig out of the closet. If I walk, I have to drag my rigged-up old lady shopping cart which is actually a luggage cart with a yellow crate zip-tied on it. I want to buy some pickles, peppers, and maybe a melon.

Later. I did walk and it was cold. Very autumnal...60 degrees, brisk wind, misty rain. I stopped at the bank, the PO, and the farmer's market. Just like I said I would. 

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