Sunday, September 29, 2013

thinking about fall and making plans

This is my last morning routine task. I have sat in front of my light therapy box, I have had my coffee, I have checked in on several blogs, and I have played with Woodrow. It's a good day.

Regis and I are thinking about fall. This morning, I am going to pile some yard and garden waste on the curb for the city to pick up this week. Saturday, Ella is coming over to help me put out some Halloween decorations as I have three huge tubs. This will have to be done with Woodrow in mind as he thinks everything in the house is his. I want to get my knitting out and exchange my summer clothes for my fall attire. It could be too early for winter coats yet, but you never know.

Speaking of Woodrow, it is almost a relief when he takes a nap. He's like a small, furry two-year old.

I'm having a dreaded medical procedure tomorrow which means no food today and only clear liquids. The only good thing about this is the mild sedation. I'll spare you the ugly details.

I'm pretty sure this is what Woodrow will be doing some day. He's been getting on the table which we highly discourage but he seems unphased. I was distracted for a while, searching google for solutions to cats on tables. Now I have run out of time. Have to get dressed and do the yard work. See ya...

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