Monday, September 16, 2013

sunday evening...whoops monday morning

The weekend went so fast. Wedding rehearsal Friday night, Wedding Saturday afternoon... and a kitten that wakes me up at 3 am. I didn't have the most productive days.

The setting for the wedding was beautiful and Regis looked so handsome. He does a beautiful ceremony and is so distinguished and serious. We beat the rain by about two minutes. The bridal party felt a few sprinkles but the groom said that is a sign of good luck.

I found these photos and this artist on Facebook. I love the idea of using the moon in all these shots. I had never heard of Steve McCurry but apparently he is an iconic (sort of like epic) photojournalist. Check out his work. Amazing...and iconic.

Artist: Steve McCurry

Last week when I walked out to the dog park, I crossed the bridge over the Minnesota River. In the middle, I was gripped by some fear and had to reach out to hold the railings. I wanted to look into the water but couldn't make myself do it. I drive over that bridge all the time but I can't remember when I last walked over it. I felt like a high wire walker.

It's a new experience for me, having a kitten. He acts like a crazy thing sometimes, running and spinning and chasing his tail. The he decides he is tired and you cannot keep him awake. He crawls into his little bed on the shelf and snoozes for hours. Our biggest issue is that he likes to wake up very 3 am. I figure it will be better when he's older and can prowl around the house by himself in the middle of the night.  Now, it's like having a furry infant. A furry infant that can run and climb.

It's not all bad, waking up this early. I used to do it all the time and find I'm a little more productive when I get up and do all my sitting before sunrise. I'm a good sitter.

After a winter and spring of reading mysteries and crime obsessively, I am skipping around to lots of different things. I read a book called Things I Like About America: Personal Narratives, that I really liked a lot. I'm also reading a book of short stories that I don't like so much. I always feel like I miss the point of short stories. I get to the end and think...What?

Regis better wake up or he is going to miss this delicious Guatemalan coffee. Of course, if I drink the whole pot, I'll be clinging to the drapes by my claws like Woodrow. He doesn't really climb the drapes but it's a good picture, right?

We tried to watch a movie that everyone said was so funny. Rotten tomatoes gave it about a 90, which is a great score. Somehow, we missed the point. Regis gets annoyed with me because I only like movies with believable story lines. I'm not a fan of science fiction, dystopia, apocalypse, horror...or anything resembling those. I like a little more reality in my stories. Not too much reality, though, like war or murder. I have a fairly narrow band of things I will read and watch, as you can see.

Between the two of us, we have four medical appointments this week. WTF. I expect things to get better once I turn 61, dammit. Enough of this shit. One day this month, we have to figure out which on of us will have the least sedation and should be able to drive the other one. Good grief.

My goal this month is to write a list every morning of 3-5 things for which I am grateful. I've done it now every day and it's not hard. I like things like that. Writing letters to the editor used to be a thing I enjoyed because I had to revise my writing to fit below a certain word count. It was like a puzzle. Now, I don't have many opinions so I don't write those so often. Haha!

I do have opinions but I think what I discovered is that they don't really make a difference so I should save my energy. 

Woodrow is down for his morning nap at 4:45 am. I've had two cups of coffee so I won't be going back to sleep for a while. 

My point, getting back to it, about my complaints about medical appointments is that I am trying to find positive in what appears to be negative. So, I am grateful to have access to this wonderful care and to have insurance so we don't have to worry about medical bills.

I turn on KMSU when I am awake this early and I'm developing a taste for the jazz show that's on at that time. I said a few weeks ago, that I had a rube's taste for jazz...none. But this is a gentle way to start the day and the host has a nice voice.

Time to move on into the day. Remember to put have fun on your list of things to do.

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