Friday, September 06, 2013

moment of zen

I joined an on-line forum for reflection and change. It's very interesting...many of the people are from other countries. I have set some goals, check in each day about my habits, and get encouragement from others about how I'm doing. It's fun because you know how verbose I can be. It's another outlet for my blabbiness.

I had a couple of epiphanies this week. One was about my baby books (I had two!) and one was about a folder of papers I have kept since my nephew died. How do these things roll around in your head for years and then pop into your consciousness in a different form? Mary says a guy's unconscious is always processing life experiences.

I read through my (quite extensive) folder of writing, too. Some of that shit isn't too bad for an amateur. Maybe I'll try to get it in better shape and organized. I have one piece that an instructor suggested making into a children's book. I think that might be beyond my conceptual capabilities.

I also started a genealogy project after years of saying I had no interest. I have tons of information about my mom's side of the family but had very little about my dad's side. I wasn't even sure of the names of his grandparents. Armed with three pictures of some ancestors with names on the back and approximate dates, I marched into one of the internet sites that specializes in that sort of thing. It's miraculous.

I found not only names and dates going back to the 1700's but documents supporting the facts. I looked at draft cards, census records, lists of passengers on ships. Some of these folks came across the ocean on ships when they were small children. How much courage would that take?

One of the earliest relatives I found was married four times and produced a shit load of off-spring. One of the issues in sorting that all out is that back in the day, sometimes people had one baby who died and then they gave the same name to a later child. I'm going to print his tree today and see if I can make sense of it.

Happy Friday! Making crab cakes and cucumber salad for dinner tonight. Going to Rock Bend tomorrow. Should be a great weekend.

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