Tuesday, September 03, 2013

living gently today

I started the day by drinking coffee and watching the giant panda cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Mama panda and baby are sleeping, all curled up together. Very sweet.

I forgot to post the link to the google page for the Labor Day photo collection. Sometimes it's hard to watch the tiny slideshow on my blog. At the top of the picassa page, you can choose slideshow and it makes them BIG so you can really see the details on our old and saggy selves as well as the happy faces of the all the kids. Here's some of each:

Elliot and Zoey won the Best Giggler awards at the party. 

Facebook is full to the brim of first day of school photos this morning. It's nice to see the excitement of that first day...new clothes, new backpacks, big smiles, loads of enthusiasm for learning. Now, let the education system suck that out of you until you are nothing but a dry husk at the end of your senior year. Wahahahaha! I don't mean that but I couldn't resist the urge to be sarcastic. Oh, yeah...this is probably not living gently.

I signed up for a program called Sea Change. I think I'll like it. It's about habit changing...one step at a time in a mindful way. A gentle way.

I have a pre-op physical today for my cataract surgery next week. Did you know they stick a small probe in your eye and vaporize the old lens, then suck out the pieces? They they fold up the new lens and stick it back in your eye where it unfolds. Amazing stuff. I wonder how they discover they can do this?

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Jill said...

Two things:

1. I agree completely about the wonder of cataract surgery, which I have had on my left eye. I can't even unfold a pie crust to fit in a pie pan right, so how those eye surgeons manage folding a little lens through a teeny tiny slit is beyond my comprehension.

2. I'm plugging my ears to avoid hearing the sucking sound you so eloquently and sarcastically described. I have six little ones to worry about, who are imaginative and joyful (except for Westy once in a while, who likes to be grumpy). I want them to stay that way.