Wednesday, September 04, 2013

forces in the universe and a couple rants

Yesterday I slept until 7 am. This morning, I woke up at 4 am to find Regis in the living room drinking tea. He's been awake since 2:30. What gives? My funny doctor, Ruth, not the sex Doctor Ruth, said she thought there were forces in the universe that keep people awake sometimes. I'll go with that.

We're much more likely to see this part of the day than the other end. After 8 o'clock, it's lights out at our house.

I went to see my regular doctor (as opposed to my irregular doctor) yesterday for my annual physical and for my pre-op physical for cataract surgery. I think I'm straight now on when what is due although she is checking on one test I would rather forgo. You can guess. She is a great doctor...we tell stories and laugh and groan and carry on together. I love it when you can hug a doctor at the end of your visit.

I'm working on gratitude this month and it's been interesting. I thought I had a good handle on being grateful but it's nice to sit quietly a couple times a day and think about what I am grateful for. One thing is being able, most times, to not end my sentences with prepositions. Old habits die hard.

So, on the flip side of gratitude, here are my recent rants:

  • I was looking at an ad for a "big box" pharmacy. I bet was on page ten before I got to anything resembling pharmacy-like products. There were clothes, fans, school supplies, several pages of food items, frozen and otherwise.
  • My least favorite man mall store is now selling food. Oh, great. The hardware type stuff a guy would usually go in there for (dragged behind a team of wild horses) now must take up about two aisles while the rest of the store is filled with shit you don't need but might buy anyway just because you're over-stimulated.
  • My favorite grocery store does sell some miscellaneous items non-food related items but the thing that irks me most there is the random placement of things... like licorice in the paper product section. I'm going to take pictures of that weirdness next time I go there.
  • I think the purpose is distraction and marketing. Oh, here I have toilet paper on my list. Licorice! Yeah, I'll take some of that!
  • Coupons. Especially coupons with a whole back side full of exclusions. I could go on a big rant on this subject alone. I went into a women's clothing store once with a coupon for 20% off an item that was not on sale. The saleswoman told me that everything in the store was on sale and she suggested I come back when the sale was over. WTF.

  • I haven't gotten the email telling me that I have no agenda items today so I must have a couple things to do. One is the eye doc appointment. Then I want to spend some time on doing some research on my dad's side of the family. Mom's family has a couple ambitious members who have produced books full of information on that side but my dad's family has sort of dwindled in numbers and in story.

    If I have any ambition left, I want to organize a couple book shelves. They're starting to over-flow and need to be winnowed. It will be a full day.


    Jill said...

    On the plus-side of the pharmacy ad for everything but drugs, think of it as a return to the times when there were general stores. When they start selling bolts of fabric, you'll know it for sure.

    Teresa Saum said...

    They should sell useful things like gin and dog food. Hahaha!