Wednesday, September 25, 2013

early morning wake-up call from the kitten

Woodrow started playing around my head about 4 am this morning. I finally got up and made coffee, then looked at the app for substitute teaching. There was a special ed job available in a classroom where I know the teacher. I looked at it ten times, my finger hovering over the accept button, and finally...I pushed it. So, there's my day.

My plan was to go back to sleep for a couple hours. I could regret this about 2 o'clock when my biological rhythms go askew.

i/.oo  Woodrow just walked across my keyboard and typed that. He is so smart.

Regis picked another tub of apples for me yesterday. I think I'll freeze some of them for apple pies for the holidays. Maybe more apple sauce, too.

We saw a dead raccoon on the highway the other day. My goofy brain jumped to Cancun, then honeymoon which I thought would be a good poem if I had more marbles. Haha!

I better get ready to go to school.

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