Friday, September 13, 2013

catching up

Last week, I made a list of nine things I wanted to get done. By the end of this week, I have done two of them. So why do I feel like I've been so busy? I guess I lost a day to eye surgery, then part of the next morning to a follow-up appointment. Sigh. Here's the week in pictures:

I walked downtown the other day and then walked out to the dog park to meet Regis and Gus. I look like a crazy old bag lady.

Yesterday, we adopted this little kitten from the pound in St. Peter. They, and the place where we bought all the supplies gave us lots of cautionary advice about introducing the kitten and Gus. Gus watches over Woodrow like a mama and licks his face every chance he gets. Woodrow is not the least bit afraid of Gus.

Since my eye surgery, my eyes are very light-sensitive. The clinic gave me these very flattering sunglasses. Polarized, no less. Regis took this lovely photo of me as I came home from an errand this morning, then sent it to me with the subject line: Bug eyes is home. Haha!

We had a stuffed pepper extravaganza this week one night. We ate a few that night, a few the next night, and vacuum sealed the rest for January when we'll be craving the taste of hot peppers.

This is Woodrow asleep on my lap. He woke Regis up at 4 this morning by pouncing on his head. He has been sleeping almost all day so we could be in for some action tonight, too. I went down to the vet's office today and bought him a few more toys and a tiny harness and leash. 

This is the google car that drives down streets and takes pictures for street view

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