Friday, August 23, 2013


I don't even work and by the end of the week, I'm tired. What the hell. I did have a busy week, but still seems slothful.

One night this week, I worked in the garden then filled up the pool for Gus. Nice soak for my feet and it was very cooling. It would look better if I had a nice pedicure but instead I have garden toes.

I've been in the back yard lately. Our back yard is tiny and pretty much featureless so there's no attraction. One day this week, I decided to put up my ancient clothes hanger thing. One of those square ones on a pole. It did the job but I noticed the next day that the one plastic piece on it had broken. I think I can fix it. I use it once every ten years so I'm not of a mind to replace it.

I found our walnut tree stump needs a mowing. The stump has been there since the tornado took the tree down. We tried once to have it removed but the stump removal guy couldn't get his machine through the gate. We decided to just let it weather away. It's kind of interesting anyway and I'm glad it's still there.

I have two things on the agenda for the day, both pleasant. Then nothing for the rest of the weekend. It could be a lazy one...sitting in the shade, reading, taking naps. Yahoo.

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Jill said...

I'll see your Yahoo and raise you a Google. It's a joke. A bad one.