Sunday, August 04, 2013

weekend in pictures

I have resolved to stop talking about any lingering medical issues but the aromatase inhibitor makes my hips and knees sore...unless I walk. A lot. Thursday, I took Gus for a long walk on Nicollet Avenue. We parked on the end by Highway 15 and walked down to Broadway. At least I think that was the street. It was about 2.5 miles.

We didn't hurry although Gus would have liked a trot better than the amble we did. He stopped to smell things and look at things and seemed to enjoy himself. Here's my shadow.

I saw this little clump of grass that I remember calling snake grass when I was a kid. Each blade comes apart in sections like bamboo. I googled it and it has many names but the most common seems to be horsetail.  

A young oak tree with hairy little acorns. Funny to think that a hundred years from now, these could be giant trees that shade the street.

This corn field was beautiful. The corn has tassels and cobs and my friend, Pam, whose field I think this is, tells me it's ready to harvest. It made the most amazing rustling sound as we walked past.

Gus found something interesting to sniff every time we stopped. Regis left to go to the Viking's camp before we left to go for our walk so he was distressed. Then I started to get ready to go and he was sure (in his little doggy mind) that he was going to left alone. But...when he saw the poop bags go in my purse, he was right at the door.

I should have burst into song....Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain! This was a song-inducing walk, as you can see. Oh, and we heard peacocks and a rooster crowing. Must be a little farm up there in the woods somewhere.

Tom and Young Regis at the football place in Mankato, not the UK. I don't know what a British phone booth is doing in Mankato at a Viking's training camp, but what the hell. It was a good photo op. Regis said the authorities in the stands were actively discouraging (by yelling at people) the taking of videos. I laughed out loud. Seriously. Who cares?

As you know, I used to love wigs. Well, for the last five years, I loved wigs. When I lost my hair, which seems like the logical time to wear a wig, I couldn't stand the feel of it on my head. A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted a pony tail that came out the back of a baseball cap. Don't ask me where these ideas come from...they pop into my head like soap bubbles.

Wrapping it up for now. I'm going for a walk, then have dinner preparations to do. Peter and April are coming for ribs on the grill, weather permitting.

Sending light and love to all my friends out there dealing with shit. Making phone calls and answering the phone are beyond my capabilities some days...much less sending an actual letter through the PO. But know that I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts into the universe for you.

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