Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's been an amazing week. I've done a lot of work with my therapist, Mary. I believe in signs and she came into my life at just the right moment. There were many signs...the ginko leaf, her daughters, the bessel interview, the St. Teresa prayer that I found on the boulevard.

Yesterday, I found this. On Facebook, which is not quite like finding something on the boulevard but close. It has meaning for me.

Regis drove me to my appointment with Mary yesterday and when we got out of the car, this gorgeous butterfly was on the Joe Pye weed. Regis took a picture with his phone because we weren't sure it would stay long enough for anything else. He would flit around a bit, then land again. I unlocked the door, got the real camera, and Regis took about 90 shots. The rest of them are here if you want to see them. The detail is incredible. Another sign, right?

I wrote yesterday about Karen slugging rats in the gutter. We have laughed about that expression. Similar to one of my old favorites: It ain't all silver saddles and Sunday parades. Last night we lit candles in the garden for Karen. The big angel in the corner is my newest yard art. She has a bowl in her hands and a bird perched on her arm. Kemmie and Joanne came over when they saw us on the patio so we shared a glass of wine and watched the flickering candle light.

I bought this set of rune stones from a woman in Oregon, Morrigan's Mantel Six Nations Witchery. They're called Elder Futhark runes and are used as a devination guide for the pathways of your life's journey. I slept with them under my pillow for a week to "tune" them. This morning, I pulled one from the bag and it was the strength rune. And no, I have not taken leave of my senses.

Mom sent this picture of her new garden. It's a memorial to people she has loved and lost. I think it's just beautiful. A garden is good for your soul.

Thursday I have my first oncology follow-up appointments. Mammogram and bloodwork in the morning, research nurse and doctor in the afternoon. I have no sense of dread or anxiety about it as they are all such nice people and I always feel so nurtured when I am there.

Hotter than hades today so I might just hang in the house and keep cool. Going out to water plants now.


Marie said...

awesome pictures.

Caroline said...

I love the butterfly!

tccomments2013 said...

such lovely images, Teresa - I think I covet that amazing angel! and how lovely the memorial garden your mom planted is. I love thinking that what grows in such proliferation of kindness, love, and beauty in our hearts can come so magically through our blessed and human hands to help restfulness and peace come to life.

much love to you and grandma saum for sharing such riches,

love and light, XOXO