Saturday, August 10, 2013

trolley ride and weddings

There was some kind of mix-up with the amusement company so there are no rides or games of chance at the county fair. There is, however, this lovely trolley pulled by these horses and for five dollars you can ride around town for about 30 minutes. I sat on my front step and waited for it to come by and when they stopped, I leaped aboard. So much fun. I might do it again today.

It is a big week for weddings. Regis did an impromptu wedding for a young man who is in the Navy. They got a judge to waive the waiting period and the wedding was lovely.

Today, another outdoor wedding. We feel honored to be a part of so many of these wonderful and happy days.

I went to the farmer's market and the coop this morning on the hunt for poblano peppers. No such luck but I did find some nice jalapenos and a couple other hot varieties that will be tasty. Also some jam made by my friend, Annie, a jar of habanero dill pickles, and some pickled beets.

My goals for the day are these: plant the hostas, prepare the peppers so they are ready for the grill as soon as we get home, and maybe take a brief nap. It will be a good day.

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