Friday, August 16, 2013

the olympics of paper sorting

Remember that giant basket of paper I had collected over the fall and winter? I finally went through it today. Ta da! The dread of it was not nearly as bad as the actual task which is true most of the time with other dreaded tasks like cleaning out the refrigerator.

I also filled out a survey on my medical care (extensive!)and applied for a lifetime teaching sub license. It was a complicated process that included contacting TRA and MDE and the filling out of multiple forms. I'm not sure where this will go but I think it's a sign of improved mental health that I got this far.

I went out the garden in the afternoon, intending to just putter. I ended up digging out three giant hostas and transplanting all the pieces into the front garden. That's a lot of bending and digging. I pulled a chair onto the driveway so I could take periodic breaks and look these over because I am a random gardener and think that having a plan ruins the zen beauty of it. Regis said he would take some pictures this weekend.

I'm sitting in my leopard chair drinking a cup of wonderful Ethiopian coffee and writing my way into the day. We listened to two hours of Elvis on Shufflefunction but when Karen came on at 9 and played Great Balls of Fire, I had to turn the music off.

I'll finish this coffee then I have to prepare Gus's bath. He is at the dog park and Regis called to warn me that the grass was wet and he was muddy. He runs right into the tub but it's easier if the rug is down and the tub has water in it. He's a good dog.

Looking forward to a happy Friday and a nice weekend. So good to feel better.

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