Monday, August 12, 2013


It rained again during the night. Good for my hosta garden. Also good for gnats and mosquitoes.

Most of the hostas in this part of my garden are new. It's hard to know since I am not a professional, how far apart to plant them. Right now they look sparse, but next year, they will explode out of the ground and fill the space.

We had a lovely day, mostly on the patio. Ella came about 3 and we wandered down to the fair to see what was happening. A lot of packing up and moving on is what was happening. Nice to see Linda, Robert and Roxie, Connie, and Annie. I went to the fair three times this year...that's a record. The cooler temperatures made that possible.

Yeah, that pepper experiment worked. I cut a slit in the peppers, emptied out some/most of the seeds, stuffed them, wrapped a few in bacon and Regis grilled them. Fire in the mouth! These peppers had soul!

I got not so good news from my NJ friend, Karen, in the middle of the night. She sent an email saying her cancer was more aggressive than they first thought so she is waiting for pathology reports before planning the next step. The universe gets a big kick in the ass for visiting more shit on Karen. If you are a praying person, keep her in your prayers. If you aren't, keep her in your poems and songs, which are almost the same thing.

That's all I got this morning, friends.

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