Thursday, August 29, 2013

I miscounted...what a surprise

Actually I didn't count 2000 posts, that would be an impossibility and if I did it ten times, I would get ten different numbers. Today is 1999. I know it doesn't make a whit of difference but I'm trying to be accurate.

There is a noodley thing on my admin site that keeps track of such things so it should be easy but you know me and my math thing.

There's also a stat thing. It says my blog has had almost 70,000 page views. I think a lot of those must be guys in China trolling for people to send viagra comments.

Tomorrow will be #2000.

Yesterday I was in the grip of ennui. I took a nap in the morning, did nothing most of the day, hid out in the bedroom after lunch and finally decided I had to get outside and do something. I went up to Tom and Betty's and got in the pool first with Tom, then with Betty. There is nothing more therapeutic than paddling around a swimming pool in a big chair, drinking a cold beer.

It's been so hot here that it's hard to enjoy the outdoors. We had such a lush summer and now no rain for quite a while so the grass is brown and crispy, except where it's shady or people water. We think it's a waste of planetary resources to water grass. Now, filling a pool for the dog, that is another story.

It's state fair week in Minnesota so if you have a hankering for anything on a stick, that is the place to go. A million sweaty people in a small space standing in line for deep fried pickles. Not for me. Hell with corn dogs.

If we were television news watchers we could see all the action at the fair because every tv and radio station in the state is there watching pigs give birth. If any real news happened, we would have to wait until after Labor Day to find out about it. Now that I think about it, if all the news covered was the fair, I would be more inclined to watch. Some of that stuff is creepy.

See ya.

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