Sunday, August 25, 2013

how hot?


I think we may have taken weather warnings a bit too far. We get excessive heat warnings on our phones about every fifteen minutes. No shit. Like you'd forget between the time you read it and then got up to walk out the door. Wait...what was that again?

Excessive heat, like excessive cold, seems like a good reason to hunker down and not do much. Ella and I rigged up a shopping cart with a luggage carrier and a yellow basket and walked to the farmer's market. We bought two melons, two jars of pickles, some hot peppers, and two tomatoes. After that, I didn't do much but sit on the swing.

We watched a movie last night which was entertaining but I'm sure the actor had a serious shot or two of botox in his lips and it was distracting. Good movie but who has lips that big?

I need a hair cut and Regis is nervous about doing it. I tell him it's only hair and it will grow back. I just want it very short so how bad can it be? I spent the winter bald so I have a devil-may-care attitude about this.

We're cooking ribs on the grill this afternoon. It's already balmy out there so this could require the pool to be filled and a cold drink.

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