Wednesday, August 28, 2013

here's what I have been doing this week

So, far, this has been a week of little activity. It's too hot to do much outdoor work, so I do the necessary things to keep the plants alive then I fill up Gus's pink pool and sit with my feet in the water while I read. 

I wear sandals when I garden so I can hose my feet off when I get hot. Hence the dirty toes. No way around it. I figured out that if I wear socks and shoes, the dirt still gets through so you have the disadvantages of having your feet be hot AND dirty.

In the morning when the water is warm (and dirty), I use it to water the garden. When Regis and Gus come back from a trip to the dog park, I fill it with cold water again and he heads right into the water. 

Last night I watered plants and filled the bird bath and when I bent over to move the hose, sweat ran into my eyes and stung. I think that's a first for me which says something about my activity level in the heat, I guess. Immobile.That's what I am.

I just checked back and see I used the pink pool picture of my feet in a previous post. That's the kind of week it's been. Too lazy to take new pictures. Recycle the old ones.

The movie theater in St. Peter is being demolished this week. Kind of sad but not really. It was never a very nice experience. Popcorn sometimes tasted like it had been saved from the day before, never enough help, usually we were the only ones in the theater which is really not the point of the theater experience. It always felt like a neglected place. A sign of the times, I guess. Tear down the theater and put up a parking lot.

I read this book this week. I can't remember what drew me to it as I didn't even realize at first that the author is from Waseca and now lives in Mankato. I've been a fan of Thomas Lynch who wrote The Undertaking. As you would not expect, these books about grave diggers and undertakers are not about death but powerfully and poignantly about life. I highly recommend this book by Rachel Hanel. Also anything by Thomas Lynch. I've been known to buy copies of his books when I find them on the remainder table even if I already have a copy.

Put a cabbage leaf on your head today. It will help keep you cool and you can eat it with your dinner at the end of the day.

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Jill said...

At least you know when you're recycling photos, Teresa. Sometimes I'll use one again and not realize it until I go back and look at old blog entries.

My experience at the St. Peter 5 was never stellar, either. In addition to old popcorn and a minimal staff, the film often jiggled. Old projector, I suppose. When Titanic played years ago, I thought it was part of the movie when the ship was sinking. More than once, the few audience members who were there took turns going out to the lobby to tell the kid working to fix the jittery movie. Do you wonder how many people in town will be telling stories about their adventures in that theater when they drive by and see that it's been demolished?