Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I've been doing this dance for a long time. Trying to recover from some wounds, psychic and physical. I loved seeing this today. I'm going to visualize my backwards steps as part of a dance, not a disaster. It's a lapse, not a collapse and the urge to move forward is a reason to be optimistic. It's what Bessel van der Kolk calls the life force.

Jane called me yesterday to remind me that 36 years ago, we almost went to Elvis's funeral in Memphis. We were living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa so it wouldn't have been such a long drive and would for sure have been a lark. Then we heard how many people were expected and motel rooms were so hard to find we would probably have to stay in a different state (or sleep in the car) so we decided to skip it. It's been a good story over the years...a thing we almost did.

I wasn't even an Elvis fan, just always up for a happening. Did you know you can put "pictures of Elvis after death" into google and see him in his casket? No, thanks. He didn't look so good as he was circling the drain, as I remember.

I think I might go out and transplant some hostas this morning. I love the weather this summer and feel like I want to be out in it as much as possible because, as you've noticed, the days are getting shorter. The cold and dark winter is coming...not a very optimistic thought.

I'm going for a walk and then into the garden for a while. Beautiful day!

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