Friday, August 02, 2013

another million dollar day

I went for another long walk in the morning, bought another cup of coffee and a cookie, and sauntered down the street. My bench was occupied so I went another block. As I approached Patrick's, Minnow, John, and Hombre were setting up the front patio. I decided if there was a chair there when I got to the corner, it would be a sign. That's where I would stop.

I had a nice visit then made my way home.

This afternoon, I walked down to Arvin's to pick our car after its brake job. I forgot to take water and was parched mightily by the time I got there.

That's a lot of walking in one day for me. I'm going to bed.


I woke up at 2:30 and thought it would be a good time to light candles in the garden but it was a short-lived thought. I read for a while, then went back to sleep to have a vivid and very active dream which, of course, I have no memory of now.

Shufflefunction is playing all The Band this morning. Somebody's birthday. Nice music to wake me up. We had another shipment of Tonxx (Thought we were done...thanks, Bob!) so I am also enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee. I was going to request The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down for you, Richie, but they had already played it by the time I came out of my slumber.

Regis, Young Regis, and Uncle Tom are going over to watch the Vikings at their training camp. This is a semi-annual man ritual in which they engage. I do not feel left out. I have less than zero interest in anything football-related. If they were practicing across the street, I wouldn't bother to look out the window. All those men grunting and pawing the ground. Like Menards only more steroids. Haha!

I am amused to the point of guffawing when I get an email saying someone is following me on Twitter. I tweet about 3 times a year and those are usually retweets. I am a child of the 60's and I don't get Twitter. There ain't much to follow, pal. If I ever look at Twitter (rarely) I am more inclined to follow Dave Chappelle or Jimmy Kimmel than someone who tweets about serious things. Ben Leonard and Kurt Hildebrand are my local twits...they are a hoot.

Gus and I are going for a walk around the hospital today. There isn't much to see up there but there is also an utter lack of mean dogs. I hate it when dogs run out at us and Gus doesn't like it much either. Maybe we'll go down Nicollet Avenue a ways. More to look at there.

Offering this dancing dachsund for my old friend and neighbor, Deb, and her daughter, Amanda. It's a day for dancing, my friends.

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