Thursday, August 22, 2013


It was a long day. Regis toted me over to the East Ridge Clinic at 9 am for my mammogram and blood draw. Then we tooled around Mankato for a while doing some retail therapy (successful thrift/consignment store shopping), pet store for Gus, lunch at Blue Bricks, then more appointments. I saw the research nurse and oncologist this afternoon. All is well. I'll go back every three months for two years, mostly due to research protocol. They expect me to be a survivor.

Re: the successful retail therapy. I bought a couple of great black sweaters for wear with leggings, a Chico's knit top at a steal, a pair of Guinness pajama pants (don't ask), a great tropical looking caftan (I know...nobody wears those anymore), and the best denim jacket ever. I might give the jacket to a friend who has a birthday coming up if I can bear to part with it. Of course, there is always the chance he will turn up his nose and say I should keep it. Haha!

Then I came home to find St. Francis and a bonsai tree on my step! No surprises. I ordered the St. Francis for my garden and Mike left the bonsai tree with me to care for while he's gone. I'm a tree babysitter! (Two pints of water/day.)

Regis asked if my yard art collection is complete. I said a hesitant yes. A guy just never knows when the perfect pink flamingo will come along.

Since I spent most of the day in sterile environments, why do I feel so grubby? Maybe because I've had other peoples' hands on me....everywhere. Very nice people with good intentions, but still.

My oncologist is the best. We had a long talk about where breast cancer comes from and what makes it hard to know. He said years ago, people said heart attack when they didn't know. It wasn't until the 70's when they could very accurately diagnose breast cancer which makes family history pretty much worthless. He's a doll, that doctor.

I'm going to have a gin and tonic on the patio and go to bed early. 

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