Thursday, August 01, 2013

a new page, in more ways than one

This is me. I've righted my sinking tugboat, bailed the water, patched the holes and I'm heading into the wind! Hahaha!

I was reviewing some old blog posts yesterday and found two poems that I loved one time and had forgotten I started a new page called Poems for Life. You can see it right under the banner and title of the blog. I might try to gradually move all the poems from the side bar to the new page. It's an experiment so I'm not sure if they always appear as regular posts on the home page and then are stored on the new page, so I have to learn this.

Not wanting to over-share on this topic, I will only say that I have had a truly amazing month. I'm healing physical wounds from cancer and healing psychic wounds from a couple of sources. Not by myself, of course... I've had help.

Yesterday, I felt like I took the first deep, carefree breath in several years. I know that probably isn't physically possible but it sure feels emotionally possible and true. It's a new page in my life and the new poem page reflects that.

Thanks to everyone who has patiently trod through my mental hand-wringing. I will try to move on now to more quirky observations of my neighborhood and life and to stop sounding so much like a loony Yoda.

I needed something more interesting to read so I went back and found The Master Butchers Singing Club. I love Louise Erdrich's writing. I think my next reading project will be to re-read her books.

The news is full of gay folks getting married. They all look so happy which cannot be a bad thing. Yesterday there was an article in the Trib about some people who feel like this indicates some decline in civilization. That seems like a very narrow world view to me. There are certainly worse things in the world than two people who want to commit to each other and share their lives.

Just as an example, those two Mpls cops in GB who went on the racist, homophobic rant. Isn't Michelle Bachman enough for us to endure? We have to be embarrassed by these two lump heads. too? And that melee in San Diego? Gay people getting married can't top that shit.

Yesterday morning, I went for a long and peaceful walk. So many pleasant things to see on a summer, baby bunnies, friends, sunshine. I stopped and bought a cup of coffee and a cookie, then parked myself on the bench by the bank to pass the time.

As I walked down Third Street, an adorable baby who was standing on the boulevard with his mama came toddling over with a big toothy grin and hugged me around the knees. You can't start a day in a better way than this.

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