Tuesday, July 16, 2013

very early tuesday morning

Regis and I are going to be the KMSU programmers for the day so I am up early (4 am) which is way too early even to be on the radio. I feel like I have sand in my eyes.

Ella and Alex were here yesterday afternoon. We took Ella to gymnastics and as he goofed around, Alex asked me how babies get out of the mom's tummy. He wasn't satisfied with the "special way" story and demanded that I tell him or he would go jump on the trampoline. I said that sounded like a dilemma for mom and dad. They get the tough questions...I just get to read stories and pass out popsicles.

Alex and Elliot are both stumped by the fact that their Nana can't help them with video games and identification of Star Wars characters in fruit snacks. I saw Star Wars, but almost 35 years ago, and I couldn't tell Darth Vader from Yoda on a good day much less in a small purple lump of sugar.

Alex wanted me to turn on a movie and I had to say, no we couldn't do that because I don't know how to operate the television and whatever device we have for watching movies. 

Ella seems to know that her nana is from another age and she only asks me about hats, jewelry, and fancy glassware.

I have had some experience with video games (all of them bad) and I recently deleted the scourge of the modern age, Candy Crush, from my iPad because it was driving me cuckoo. It kept wanting money for boosters and additional lives which I never did and I think it knew. I bet I played Level 29 more 85 times in the last week. When I could feel myself getting desperate and issuing small prayers that I not have to play that level one more time, I decided it was time to quit. Electronic cocaine pimped by the greedy.

I have had a wonderful last week. Many epiphanies, many moments of synchronicity, and some very peaceful and mindful walks. This is a photo of my favorite tree, the ginko. It's my spirit tree. And yes, I have been transported to the new age. It's nice here.

I start my aromatase inhibitor today. It has something to do with estrogen and breast cancer...I'm letting my well-trained and wonderful oncologist worry about the details. It's my last medical milestone. I think it's the generic form of ameridex so it isn't grossly expensive. We have made up, this past year, for many years of health insurance premiums. BCBS would have a hit out on us but then where would they get that extra two grand a month?

I better get ready to go on the radio. I have had two big cups of coffee and am therefore sufficiently wired to at least act alert. I told Regis he is going to have to carry the load on this one. I'm not feeling very articulate or spontaneous this morning.

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