Wednesday, July 31, 2013

there's no place like home

When Regis and I returned from our family trip to Canby a few weeks ago, we went down to Patrick's for a cheeseburger. I was trying to put together in my mind, my thoughts about the wonderful people we had spent the weekend with, but especially the women. I looked down at my leopard shoes, a gift from my mom, and thought of the ruby slippers. There is no place like home!

Then I started putting together pictures of all those women. Here is my first attempt. I know there are more and they will be added in the future but I had to get this out into the ether today.

I feel fortunate to be a part of a long line, stretching in both directions, of strong women. Strong in body, strong in heart, strong in connections. Women who came before me, back to Andrina, Josie, and Elsie, to my mom and all my aunties and cousins, and now to my daughter and daughters-in-law, nieces, great nieces and grand-daughters.

Women who know how to laugh, Vi in her colander hat, Aunt Jean dressed as a witch as she turned 90, Mom in her birthday hat (not birthday suit), Deb in her black chicken feather boa.

Women who are creative, independent, and know how to take care of themselves: Elsie who worked in the Stanley Hotel for many years, Josie who had a hat shop long before many women were entrepreneurs, Darby and Evynne who make this with clay and felt and paint and flowers.

Women who garden and cook and care for children and homes but also take care of themselves, learning and traveling and working. Women who, when things go bad as they sometimes do, pick themselves up and keep going.

I hope I haven't left anyone out. It wasn't deliberate, for sure, but there are many, many photos and even more women!

Light and love to all the women in my clan!

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Michele said...

You come from an amazing lineage! No wonder you have so much strength and creativity! I believe we have a large hand in the lives we create for ourselves, but it is lovely to begin on such a solid foundations and with so many strong women in your life.