Sunday, July 07, 2013


 I love starting my morning with a cup of this delicious coffee. Bob gave it to his dad for Father's Day and I love it. It's part of a subscription coffee thing and I tried to buy more but they deal in small lots so the answer was nada. Too bad.

We've had a splendid long weekend with lots of patio time. Even when it's very hot, we've had a nice breeze. The bugs get bad as the evening goes on but we aren't much for staying up after dark anyway.

The plant on the right is a bay laurel. It would grow to ten feet tall if we lived in a milder climate. I'll have to bring it indoors in the fall. I'd like to bring in a small pot of herbs because the love the flavors. We have so little sunlight in the winter that it's kind of a lost cause but I might try it anyway.

Got side-tracked by grow lights.

Gus loves to chase his tennis ball on the patio. If we fill up the little pink pool, he will play in there got a long time, getting the ball all clean. Then he chases it into the garden, gets it dirty, and drops it in your lap. He's so darn cute it's hard to be mad at him.

I made mango salsa yesterday. One of my all-time favorite foods. Then I made a chicken salad with blueberries, corn, cilantro, red onion and lime vinaigrette. Yum.

Time to get up and do something. I need something to define my weeks. I thought Thursday was Sunday so the long weekend has just gone on and on. And now it's finally Sunday!

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