Thursday, July 18, 2013

stuffed peppers on the grill

We made stuffed peppers on the grill last night. Poblanos, Annaheims, and banana peppers stuffed with Italian sausage, sauteed red peppers and onions, and provolone cheese. If the zombies were at the door, this would be my last meal. That's grilled romaine on the NE corner of the plate. It's our new favorite salad of the summer.

Yesterday was a quiet one around our hacienda. Regis took Gus to the dog park a couple times for short periods. He comes home and jumps right into his pool and spends ten minutes just lapping at the water. We took a drive to Mankato to pick up a RX and then spent a lot of time on the patio. Kemmie and Joanne came over to visit for a while. It's the nice thing about sitting right in the front yard.

I'm not feeling too ambitious today. I might try and get the 4th of July holiday stuff put away but I'm making no promises. Halloween is my goal. I never mix two holidays...on purpose. I have been known to inadvertently miss a Christmas ornament here and there, forget about an Easter bunny or witch on the shelf, and have 4-5 holidays all represented at the same time.

For most holidays, I have winnowed my possessions down to tableware and table linens. I have a few items like my 4th of July chicken and the Halloween raven that I love and won't part with but a lot of things we used to call knick knacks have said adios.

Ah, life is a constant process of sorting our stuff into piles of keep, discard, donate. Even the things in my head need sorting from time to time. Keep this memory as is, send that one to the memory library, let that one go like a helium balloon over the horizon. I might write more about that later...but not now. The process is like this...messy, overwhelming at first, and a little unpleasant. Clarity happens in its own time.

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