Tuesday, July 09, 2013

snowflakes in july

Don't be alarmed. There are not real snowflakes in July. I was waiting for an appointment yesterday morning and picked up a book on the table in front of me. It was called The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty. The pictures were amazing and after trying to quickly copy this quote by Albert Einstein, I scanned the bar code with my phone and ordered it on Amazon.

I was so proud of my technical suaveness but when I told Regis he said, "Welcome to the 21st century." Haha. Finding the book there was another sign that I was in the place I needed to be.

We were doing our usual patio sit late yesterday afternoon in the heat and bug infested front yard. We enjoy it anyway. We miss the sun so much in the winter so we made a pledge to go out for a while each day.

I was sitting on the swing and Gus was in the grass behind me, chewing on something. He likes to pick up sticks and chew them to shreds under the tree so I wasn't concerned. Until I turned around and saw that he was chewing a piece of my garden art...this poor turtle who has had his left foot amputated by a doodle. Bummer.

I went back to the Pulse yesterday and met with Rachel. She has me set up with a gradual return to exercise. I'm going again today but I'm going to wait for the storms to pass. I have an aversion to being in a metal building with no basement during high winds and hail.

I also went to see the dentist yesterday. I declined the x-rays, thinking I had enough radiation in the last six months and besides, I didn't want to pay for it. No cavities and a mostly pleasant experience except that they had CNN on the television over my head. How can people watch that? Was this developed for the severely ADD? There were two scrolling things on the bottom, a scrolling thing on the top, a weather icon, and another small picture besides the talking head for the main event. Do you try to read all of it as you listen? Or try to focus on one thing while ignoring the others? Is this good for my brain? I felt scrambled.

I have a busy day planned. (I wonder how I ever had time to work.) We're ending the day with dinner with friends so that's a nice bonus.

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