Friday, July 12, 2013

sleeping like a bear

I've been a borderline insomniac for years...since I started what Archie Bunker called the change. I was used to waking up at 2 or 3 am and not going back to sleep. This was a bitch when I had to go to school. By 9 o'clock I felt like I had put in a full day.

This week I have been sleeping like this bear. I go to sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 8 am, stumbling around like I am still half asleep. I was always one to pop my eyes open and jump out of bed. Now  I lie there blinking and stretching. I still have a wakeful period in the middle of the night, usually 3-4 but I go back to a deep sleep.

Now, wasn't that interesting? If you only want timely and informative breaking news, you have to go somewhere else. This blog is called "spellbound..." by my own self. I am nothing if not reflective.

Regis woke me up at 8 this morning to tell me that Jan was coming up the sidewalk to clean for us. I lumbered out of bed toward the coffee pot. Then Reggie came in with his Boston Terrier, Ace and between the three of them, Gus, Ace, and was chaos. Oh, help me Ronda. Coffee in an IV before this kind of stimulation. Nice that it was happy chaos!

The men and dogs are off to the dog park now and I am listening to Shufflefunction and drinking coffee.

Regis and I will be programmers for the day on Shufflefunction next Tuesday, July 16. It's KMSU 89.7 FM for our distant friends who might want to stream it  (There's a link right there.)and then spend two hours listening to us wax poetic and share music. We'll be on from 7 am to 9 am Central time. I'm sure the interwebs will be buzzing. Regis is much better at that sort of thing than I I will mostly just chuckle now and then.

Yesterday was perfect patio weather. I intended to work in the garden but after my port removal, the doc said no to anything energetic. An excuse to be lazy? I can do that. Regis mixed us a lovely gin and tonic and we just enjoyed the afternoon. We cooked giant burgers, Vidalia onions, and cabbage on the grill. Wonderful day.

Here is a picture of my garden from the patio swing. It's our living room in the summer. It is so serene to sit here, push myself in the swing, watch the birds, play with Gus, and maybe read a little. We haven't had many regular walkers this summer. I think the mosquitoes are a deterrent.

Another positive sign of my improving mental and physical health. We got our bikes out! I haven't ridden my bike since October and I missed it. I didn't think my balance was good enough until now. I know I can do it. I'm going to ride down to the Pulse later for a little exercise.

Karen TC, I am so glad the news from your surgeon was good. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I went right to my email to see if I had one from you. Thanks for letting me know! You have lots of fans in MN asking about my friend, Karen, in NJ! You're famous!

Out of my chair and into the world!

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tccomments2013 said...

dear Teresa,

M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S POST!!! I enjoyed it all. to think you can sleep like that bear - but I do hope where you touchdown is just a teense bit softer. lovely gin and tonics to lazy about with. and no exertion to have levied upon you. the garden coming into such bountiful fruition to sit contentedly and gaze at it, savoring the fragrance of a sweet and happy ordinary day. tell my Minnesota friends I love them all and could not be more touched as I am with their kind thoughts of me. such good people - our lives are strangely beautiful and that is just enough to be at peace and in love with - LIFE!

much love, and the light of gratitude,

Karen, TC