Wednesday, July 31, 2013

random stuff

I spent a few hours sitting in this window in Mankato yesterday morning. Regis had an appointment so he dropped me off at Tandem Bagels and I had a delicious toasted bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. It was like being at a parade because groups of children from the day care on the corner walked by several times, hanging onto a long rope or in a giant stroller. They always looked up and waved. So cute.

I read, I visited with people, I played a couple of iPad games, I wrote a couple emails, I sat and did nothing. We had errands to do around town later and look who I ran into in Walgreen's. Tiger Woods! (Actually it's a cardboard cut-out of Tiger Woods but looked very realistic and I don't think I looked too ridiculous posing with him.)

 Regis has a couple weddings coming up in the next month. We always enjoy them as he seems to get the non-traditional, unconventional kind of weddings. He has done a couple of more traditional weddings, he is quite adaptable, and we enjoy them all.

I'm either going to go back to bed or go for a walk...or maybe go out in the garden for a while. My hips hurt so the activity would be the better choice but my slothful self is looking at the nap option with glee.
We'll see what transpires.

Regis took this picture of the full moon a couple years ago. It's one of my favorites.

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