Sunday, July 14, 2013

ramblin' about saturday

I get a kick out of looking at the stats for my blog. My all time most popular post was this one, the party what started out as jumpin' around. I have no idea in all the world why that would be. More than five hundred people have read it...maybe because I have a couple of Gary Larson cartoons in it.

The second most popular is one where I wrote about a Rick Springfield concert in Rochester and mullets with a bit of a derogatory tone. No disrespect to the people who love him but it's my blog and I get to write my opinions. You want to write about how much you love Rick Springfield, get your own blog. Haha!

Regis has a thing on his computer I call Pauline. It's probably an app. It's like Siri. I have no idea how this works but he talks to her and sometimes gets very frustrated with her and says things that irritate her. She says she needs to talk to his mother. I love this story about Al Pacino and Siri. Yes, I can see this happening.
According to a new report, the actor and his longtime pal Christopher Walken were lunching at LA’s Brite Spot eatery. Al was reportedly seen screaming profanities, and stomping on his Smartphone. “Smart phone, my ass,” Pacino reportedly screamed, according to the National Enquirer (editorial notea source of reliable and serious news). “Al had been trying to use the so-called ‘Siri’ feature on his iPhone, but the automated voice kept giving him wrong information,” a source said. “Angrily eyeballing his shattered phone, Pacino snarled, "That’s the last time that f***ing witch speaks to me!"
Walken said to the waitress, "And people think I’m the crazy one!"
 I barely know what apps are, but I can use them. One day a few weeks ago, I heard my grand-daughter say, "There's an app for that." I don't even remember the context...just the comment. What a funny world.

There were a lot of things I could (almost said should) have done yesterday but mostly I didn't do any of them. I did a pile of dishes and then I did these things:
  • Wrote a long letter to Karen TC
  • Read Double Whammy
  • Listened to Buddy and Julie Miller on my iPad
  • Played games on my iPad
  • Wrote a few emails
  • Read the beautiful poems of Robyn Sarah
  • Rigged up a new life necklace
  • Read an article about yoga
  • Watched birds in the garden...saw two baby finches being fed by parents and a lot of woodpeckers
  • Sat on the patio swing
It was a full day and probably just reading about it exhausted you. 

Today, we're taking a drive with Tom and Betty. Surprise location...we'll just pick a spot. Usually we end up at an eating establishment. I can tell already it will be another strenuous day. Remember, having fun is also a thing to be accomplished.

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