Wednesday, July 17, 2013 no particular order

The milestones at the end of cancer treatment are multiplying so fast I can hardly keep track, although of course, I will try.

  • Wearing necklaces again. I haven't worn a necklace since my biopsy in November. It took too much energy and there was always the danger of it banging against an incision or the port.
  • Menu making and cooking
  • Wavy hair!
  • Rode my bike a couple times
  • Back to exercise...dogged it since energy.
  • Sandals with heels
  • Answering the phone most days
  • Down to one small port, no drain. Only two incisions and four tiny tattoos as reminders.
  • Thinking about getting a pedicure
  • No oncology appointments for two months!
  • Getting a few things done...framed my found pink paper, unpacked some dishes I had stashed away last fall, and started organizing and returning things people brought me...books, plastic containers, scarves, and hats.
  • Down to one cancer med: Ameridex. No nausea drugs, no pain killers, no antibiotic salve.
  • And the list is growing every day...
We had Bob and Richie over last night for wings, stuffed mushrooms, and drinks on the patio. It was hot but pleasant in the shade. Gus played in his pool while we gabbed and told stories and enjoyed food together.

As the cancer jar has come off my head, metaphorically speaking, I have tried to be more mindful of many things. At Pet Expo the other day, I spotted Ron Gardenhire (GM of the Twins) shopping for dog food. Regis was not at all embarrassed to take our photo. Haha. 

My friends are astonished that I know his name and recognized him. I read a headline in the paper the other day: Wolves get much needed shooter. I thought of the wolves in Northern Minnesota and since there is controversy about their endangerment and hunting...I wondered WTF... why would they need a shooter? I read it and ruminated on it for a few minutes before it dawned on me...Oh, Timberwolves as in basketball!

I'm in a reading slump. I am out of the mood for mysteries right now, I've finished a few authors' books that I grew to love over the winter, and can't find anything compelling. I need to get on my iPad account (or whatever) and delete some of the crap. I start reading a free(or 99 cent) book and get bogged down...and stop.

I'm thinking that keeping crappy books in your Kindle library is the electronic equivalent of having Monica Lewinski's biography in your car. Yeah, that's it.

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