Tuesday, July 30, 2013

mending and metaphors for life

I found this in a middle of the night on an internet ramble. I thought it was apropos of my mental and physical healing these past months. Mary says this is a metaphor for life...the adversity we experience makes us stronger. My house and garden purge is also a metaphor for life. Sweep off those dusty old mental shelves and get rid of the ghosts. Fill in the empty spaces with something nicer.

I spent about three hours in the garden yesterday, working on the area under the apple tree. I wouldn't say I got done but I made a lot of progress. All of the tall weeds and volunteer trees are gone. I need to dig out some of the lilies that need more sun. I don't have many sunny spots so I'll have to squeeze them in somewhere and move the hosta into the shade. It's a constant process.

As I worked in the garden, I tried to be mindful (thinking of nothing but me and the weeds) but I did notice that about 3 out of 4 drivers who went past were on their cell phones. Holy shit, people. Either drive OR talk. Not both. Not at the same time.

I slept a wonderful, dream filled, deep sleep last night. Probably a result of all that outdoor work.

Weather Bug told me there is no chance of rain today but then, I wonder, why it is cloudy.

I'm taking my coffee out to stroll around the garden and admire my handiwork.

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Marie said...

it's cloudy and dripping -- because I made a stop at the car wash this morning. The wheels are now red again.