Tuesday, July 02, 2013

July 1, 2013

Happy 83rd birthday (yesterday) to my fabulous Mom. We sent a package with some of life's essentials...chocolate, some poo pah colorful thing with no real purpose, and a wind sock for the 4th of July. The next picture is Mom as a little kid.

We went to the grocery store early in the morning yesterday, armed with our own bags and our meticulous list. I was the cart pusher and the picker. Regis was the coupon king and the scratcher-offer of the list. We made good time and avoided the crowds who come out on the first of the month and on Mondays to get the senior discount.

Oh, my freaking word, you should have seen the pop stacked up at the HyVee. Pallets and mountains of it. Every kind: sugar free, caffeine free, double caffeine, sugar free and caffeine free. This must be the biggest pop drinking holiday of the year. It was amazing and a bit scary. I was afraid of getting run over by the pop forklift as I made my way to the dairy section.

I missed my siesta yesterday because I was busy putting away groceries and washing out the spice cans I had cleaned up. I have tons of spices and it's a nightmare to keep them organized. Nothing works very well. When Ella came, she helped me wash them, bless her heart.

We walked down to the fairgrounds to see some of the K9 dog trials. Each officer commanded his dog to go through a series of hurdles and such. They were very good and very well-behaved. It was fun to watch but very hot when the sun came out and Alex was disappointed that there were no snacks there so we didn't stay long. What fun are K9 trials without cotton candy and soft pretzels?

If you're not from here, let me tell you about the mosquitoes. It's our state bird. Last year they were scarce due to the drought. This year, they are multiplying like crazy and having a family reunion on the north side of our house. Seriously, it's a cloud of mosquitoes. They don't bother me so much (probably from the chemo drugs...hahaha!) but they are all over Regis like a pit bull on a poodle.

I started reading one of Carl Hiaasen's books in paperback because it wasn't available on Kindle. I keep trying to touch words to get the definition, or swish the page to turn it. I've read that it's not good sleep hygiene to have a lit-up thing in your bed. Hmmmm...

My goal for the day is to get out in the garden and take care of an over-grown corner. It needs to go back to dirt first, then I'll start over. One more cup of coffee...then I go.

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