Wednesday, July 03, 2013

happy independence day, America!

Regis took this picture in 2009 but it's one of my favorites. If you're not from here, this is on Minnesota Avenue looking north toward the Nicollet County court house. I think the American Legion fellows put them up for every patriotic holiday. Beautiful.

Tomorrow is the big parade. I was tempted to skip it this year because last year, the temperature was in the pizza oven range. Some dumb asses brought their big, black dogs which is another story (rant) which I will skip for the moment. I have a long list of cranky comments about parades but I suppose that's to be expected when you put that many humans in such close contact.

Mostly, I love them and this one is great. I usually shed a tear or two when the bands go past. So, I have convinced myself to attend because I'd be sad later if I missed it.

Regis and the neighbors have figured out a solution to the mosquitoes. It's a Cutter product and it is supposed to be pet and human friendly. Oh, sure. I'm just glad none of us are planning to reproduce. We were disappointed to look out the back door this morning and see the blood suckers congregated on the garage door again but at least they left us alone on the patio last night.

I gathered a large bag of weeds from my garden yesterday morning, and dealt harshly with the over-grown corner. Some plants (not weeds) may have been sacrificed in the process but it's a small price. It looked like I had a start on a native prairie there on the northwest corner.

Later, I walked down the street for a massage from my friend, Cheryl. She has been one of my angels. She has a lovely garden, tons of birds, and three very friendly cats. Liza and Bubba came to say good-bye to me as we visited in her kitchen.

Regis and I sat on the patio the rest of the afternoon. Gus played with his tennis ball in his pool and we cooked burgers and stuffed peppers on the grill. I used chorizo sausage in the peppers, poblano and Anaheim, and I think they were some of the best we've ever made.

Today looks like another splendid day! Be safe tomorrow!

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