Wednesday, July 24, 2013

catching up, sort of

I pedal as fast as I can most days. I never sleep during the day anymore and I am busy all the time. I am intent on cleaning out cupboards and drawers and closets and have a giant pile in the living room that is going away soon. Some things get set down and then I peruse them for a day or two, wondering if I will miss that item. Currently, the bread machine is on the chopping block.

Today, Ella and Alex came to spend the day because their Grandpa Wessel passed away and their Mama had to go to help with arrangements. We had a fine time. Alex and PopPop went to the barber, both kids went to the dog park, we had a tea party on the floor, played in the pool, and ate popsicles. Whew.

I continue to do things that have been put off for 9 months. I had an eye exam the other day and will have cataract surgery scheduled sometime in August. I have a follow-up oncology appointment the end of August...the whole deal...mammogram, blood work, research nurse, oncologist. A whole day's worth.

I put two small wooden chairs on the boulevard today and it took about two hours before they disappeared. I handed off a pile of barbecue tools to Bob. Nobody leaves this house unburdened. My next two projects are the hallway closet and my clothes in the basement.

We're making steaks (a la Tom Hynes) on the grill tonight and then I am going to sit in my chair and stare stupidly out the window until it's time to go to bed.

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