Thursday, July 11, 2013

browsing through old posts

One of the things I love about blog writing is that it's fun to read back to days in the past. This morning I was looking for a picture I knew I had taken in June. I couldn't find it by searching so I just went through the posts. I found the post for June 4 which I titled "getting my shit in one seabag" and concluded it was not happening. I had about two weeks worth of treatments to go and I was passing through the doldrums.

It made me realize how far I've come in a month. I asked Regis yesterday if he could appreciate how much better I feel each day. He said he could. can be so good.

I worked in my garden yesterday afternoon. In the past four years, I have pretty much let everything grow. Phlox, false sunflowers, artemsia, and sedum. I have been ruthless in getting rid of things that aren't thriving in the shade. I had two bags of mulch that I spread under the hosta and it looks beautiful. I found some great yard art hidden beneath the overgrown abundance...a funny smiling head, two turtles, an angel.

I still have about a third of my garden that needs attention. The northwest third. I have a bigger garden than is necessary but I love it. Regis threatens periodically to astroturf it but he likes it, too. 

Yesterday, a rabbit hopped in right near where I was sitting on my stool pulling weeds. He seemed unperturbed by my presence.

I'm getting my purple power port removed today. The person to do it is the PA, Jan, who took such good care of me at the time of my diagnosis and post-surgery. It will be nice to see her at this stage of the journey. Regis suggested asking if I could keep it but I want no part of that thing hanging around the house. Besides, I don't think they do that anymore. Remember when kids kept their tonsils in a little jar? Disgusting.

Back to my subject line. Sometimes I read really old posts and laugh out loud and think, "Damn, that was funny!" So nice to be my own best audience.


Nancy said...

It will only get better☺
Now you really can appreciate the "survivor" word!
Celebrate! You did it!

tccomments2013 said...

dear Teresa,

could it be true that the most ticklish funny bone is our own? I sometimes laugh myself stupid over some fleeting silliness of my own making - it could be a laugh track for the most hilarious comedy person on the planet gosh, I wonder what that means??? no idea - but I wish I could do it every single day. but since I can't remember what was so funny, I just come to your blog - chances are you will have written something that will have me laughing myself just as stupid.

love you,