Saturday, June 08, 2013

wicked bad sleep

I went to bed at a reasonable hour and tried many, many times between then and 4 a.m. to go to sleep, to no avail. I should have just gotten out of bed but you know how it is, sleep is right there tugging at your eyelids and then bang, you're awake again. Shit.

There were no gray faced men marching around the bed this time. Just a general restless feeling.

I think I slept from 4 until 6. I'm up now, drinking coffee, stirring the steel cut oats, letting Gus out, and waiting for the sun to shine. I saw vague shadows for about ten minutes but now the elusive sun has winked out again.

There is a pair of woodpeckers who are so devoted to the peanut feeders in the garden that they look like permanent attachments. Peanuts and grape jelly have been popular at the bird cafeteria this year. There is a drop of grape jelly on my picture window that I keep thinking is a red bird in a tree. Oh, no. Jelly. Knowing me, it will be there for a long time.

I once had a mulberry bird poop stain on a curtain on the porch. I left it there forever because I wondered how that happened. Bird coming flying very close to the window screen in a high wind? You can see why this fascinated me.

Well, that's in for my Saturday morning observations. I think someone sprinkled sand in my eyes.

Me, pitching a fit.

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Nancy said...

Oh Teresa I had a night just like that this week.
Could it be the moon?