Wednesday, June 05, 2013

what the hell, as they say

Here's today's update as of 4 pm. Remember the title of the blog is spellbound by our own imperfect lives. So, if you aren't as captivated by my observations as I am, here's your chance to bail.

We went to see Dr. K at the Daniel's Clinic this morning. Poor Regis was wretchedly ill. It was painful to watch him. He felt so awful, I think he was glad to be driven to the clinic.

Dr. K sent him to Mankato for IV fluids and zolfran, an anti-nausea drug.

I had already changed my radiation RX to 1:00 so that worked out fine.

The infusion therapy center which I like to call the inversion therapy center...

is not nearly (not even close) as nice as the Andreas Center so if you have a choice, now you know what to pick. Chemo would have been an entirely different experience if I had gone to this place. Not mentioning any names.

And by the way, consider the symptoms of the stomach flu and think about why inversion therapy would be a very, very bad thing. Haha...laughing out loud at my own joke.

I was really feeling like poor, poor pitiful me when we stopped at the clinic. Remember, it's me who is tired of medical appointments. Then I walked around the big building in the beautiful sunshine, stepped up to smell the new growth on the evergreens, and started to laugh. What the hell, as they say.

Having a glass of wine and listening to my lawn warrior neighbor mow his lawn again.

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