Sunday, June 09, 2013

watching myself walk and talk

After two hours of sleep on Friday night and my inability to nap yesterday, Regis and I went for an early dinner to Patrick's. We cruised around town for a while first to check out the Blues Fest action but I was too cold and dopey to attend.

I had a couple glasses of wine with dinner and with that little sleep, wine's pretty much like anesthesia. Count backwards from was a weird I could see and hear myself blabbing uncontrolled but there was not much of a connection between my brain and my mouth. Good thing I had a caretaker. The good news is that I slept well last night.

My mom, brother Pat and SIL Helen, and cousin Deb all traveled to Ephrata, Washington to help many more cousins celebrate my Auntie Jean's 90th birthday today. It looks like a grand party and even though I don't like to travel, this would have been fun.

Happy birthday, Auntie Jean!

I said in my post yesterday that maybe I had the brain cells to follow a recipe now. The first thing I am going to try is the scones Betty gave me. All I have to do is add water to the mix and bake them so I should be able to handle that. (They were easy and delicious!)

Cold and rainy again today. What a surprise. Yesterday, I thought I saw a snow flake. I think it was a piece of dust but I would not have been surprised. My friend, Sharon, has a pool that's been open and ready for a month but she has yet to even wet her toes in it. Our summers are so short, we grieve the loss of one day!

Our lawn needs cutting badly but it's been hard this past week when it's not raining, the grass is dry enough, and we have the gumption to do it. It takes a major confluence of the forces in the universe.

Here's my list of things to do today:
  • Makes scones (Thanks, Betty!)
  • Change bedding
  • Make walleye for dinner (Thanks, Bob and Richie!)
  • Invite kids for Patriarch's Day
  • Print insurance paperwork
  • Plant impatiens (Thanks, Richie!)
  • Think about agenda for the week
I'll write more later. I feel some obligation now to update my list of things to do.

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