Sunday, June 30, 2013


I offer these photos as proof that my marbles are indeed coming back. First photo: my grocery list. Second photo: my two week menu. We don't always stick to it but it helps to have a hint. I make the menu and Regis looks through the Hy Vee ad and the coupons. We're a great team.

I know this is not the best photo (taken with my phone...what kids call a selfie) but it demonstrates another move in the right direction. Cousin Deb sent me a package with the bubble necklace and the pretty bright orange sarong. I put them both on over my purple shirt and went to the coop to do some shopping for dinner.

Regis is going to try cutting my hair today. I like it this short so I don't feel like paying 30 bucks for a haircut. Are we going down a weird path here?

We've also started "stocking up" when things are on sale. I would take a picture of the mountain of toilet paper we have in the basement but it's embarrassing. If we suddenly kicked the bucket, our kids would be able to stock the new Shopko with our accumulated TP, vitamins, lotions, bath wash, and allergy meds.

I remember my Grandma Elsie stocking up on cat litter. Every time she went to the store, she bought a bag with a coupon. Her cat was 20 years old and I told her she ought to start buying it by the cupful if she could. A 20 year old cat doesn't have a long life expectancy. Such a smart ass I am.

I looked up quasi on the google because it seemed like the right word but I wasn't sure. It means having some was the right word!

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Caroline said...

When my hair cut grew back, a good trim helped shape it and it looked much better. Mostly it smoothed out. Maybe Regis can cut it this time but in the future, I would start going every few months and have it shaped as it grows out.

The funny thing is prebreast cancer I had long hair because I was lazy and never went to get it cut. Now I go every six weeks and enjoy my short hair.