Monday, June 24, 2013

monday...and so it goes

Back from two of four medical appointments this week. Thumbs up on both of these. I have graduated from radiation for the time being and I was glad to say good-bye to that experience. Adios, y'all!

I'm going to plant some hostas today but apparently I am playing that game where you wait until the last minute...right before it starts to rain. Regis thinks he is going to get the front yard mowed, too, but that will be another touch and go situation. It's hard this year to find a time when the grass is dry enough to mow, it hasn't yet started to rain again, and you have the time and gumption to mow it. It takes a powerful and mysterious confluence of the forces in the universe.

I didn't think I needed a nap today but now I wonder if that should be my reward for getting the planting done. A retreat to the blanket fort to read and play my new iPad game, Color Zen.

I'm filling my garden with hostas and ivy. I got a few plants from Jill a few years back and put them in the side yard but decided they were too pretty to be hidden so now they are front and center. Betsy, my sweet neighbor, brought me a bowl full of hostas the other night and I put them in the ground today.

I love the soft palette of greens in the shade. It's a very restful garden. When I get it weeded, I'll have Regis take some more pictures.

Got the yard work done and took a splendid nap. It's been a good day.

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