Sunday, June 30, 2013

getting back to normal

Regis told me on the way home from the clinic the other day that it might be time for me to get back to my off-beat observations on the blog and leave the medical news behind. I think he's right.

I feel more normal each day. Yesterday, I set the table with my 4th of July tablewear. Peter and April surprised us in the afternoon and ended up coming back for dinner. I got busy cooking and made a blueberry corn salad, a fruit bowl, and dry rubbed steaks. Good food and good company.

The past year, we have been very disorganized in our cooking and eating. This morning we made a two-week menu and a lengthy grocery list. We're heading to HyVee tomorrow morning for provisions. I hope to have time to go through a cupboard this afternoon. I know there are weird things hiding in the back.

I'm anxious to get back into my cookbooks and to make some of the summer foods we love. Chipotle aioli, spicy chicken wings and grilled romaine lettuce, crab cakes, stuffed peppers and stuffed portobella mushrooms.

Young Regis and Old Regis traveled to the Mankato dog park again today as the St. Peter one is under water. They enjoy the time together and the dogs love it.

Off to have a wonderful Sunday!

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