Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday morning medical update good grief

Yesterday I went to my last (God willing) radiation treatment. About a month ago, I had mixed feelings about leaving the safety and security of treatment but the past two weeks, I have been chomping at the bit, as horse people say. Here I am leaving the cancer center. I asked my radiation oncologist about the absence of balloons and a parade. He smirked.

So, after that. Here is where I spent two hours of the afternoon.

I have had horrific back pain this week. It isn't so bad during the day but it kept me from sleeping at night which after a few days, makes you feel psycho. The nurses and my oncologist want it resolved quickly because I'm scheduled to take an aromatase inhibitor and one of the side effects can be joint pain.

Aromatase inhibitors prevent your body from producing hormones which can stimulate tumor growth. I'll take something like Ameridex for 5-10 years.

I'll have one of these on Wednesday. Seems like we just can't go a week without a medical appointment. This one is in Waseca....road trip!

We cancelled our planned trip to see Mom this weekend. Between my back pain and my skin eruptions, I would be a somewhat miserable traveler. Besides, I can't wear the usual lady's undergarment and I don't want to be flopping around my hometown like a trollop.

I'm trying to invent a method for holding dressings on the burns and skin eruptions. Tube sock, maybe?

Nancy, this week I'm going to start delving into the book you gave me...the one about getting your life back after cancer treatment. I'm going to write a post on angels who walk among us again, but you were one!

Moving on this morning. Maybe more later.


Marie said...

no kick-ass boots to the last appointment?

Caroline said...

I ended up buying some soft cotton camisoles due to skin issues. They worked well. Congratulations on your last radation!

Nancy said...

I found that men's cotton tshirts felt the best. It takes a while to heal the skin. I even liked ice packs when I was just sitting around. They cooled the skin and made me feel like it was healing faster.