Saturday, May 25, 2013

what happened to me?

I can't believe I haven't written on my blog since Wednesday. Jill wrote this afternoon to see if I had slipped into the abyss. Nope, but I did spend the last few days doing a lot of sleeping and escaping via novels and iPad games. Arrghghgh. I can't even count the number of games I've played. It's nauseating.

I'm over the hump with radiation. Fifteen down and thirteen to go. I know it isn't so bad but I feel like I'm on the white-knuckle express. I want it to be over but I'm afraid to have it actually be over.

On Friday, we took Gus to the Paw to play. They like to take pictures and publish them on their Facebook page. They meaning the people not the dogs. I know it looks like a dog melee but they are very well behaved.

We bought our groceries for the week and I did a little thrift store shopping. I found these fancy men's shirts on the vintage rack. There were about eight of them in different wild plaids. If they had been cheaper than six bucks it would have been fun to get them for a family dress-up photo. Yeah, and I don't think this shirt is vintage...just ugly. I did find a nice denim skirt for three dollars at MVAC, my favorite thrift store. Their new location is very spiffy.

The weather this week has reminded me of being at Lake Miltona. My mom and dad had a cabin there for many years and we had great times. Early morning coffee on the deck, campfires on the beach at night, raking the sand, watching hummingbirds, and cool, damp breezes like we have today.

I read something the other day about how there is a movement afoot to eliminate the apostrophe. Some linguists say it would make no difference in our ability to read and get meaning...the context will communicate just fine. I liked grammar so I get why some people are opposed but really, does it matter? I've read books without quotation marks and thought that was a great idea. It took about two pages to figure out the deal. Much of punctuation is a distraction and I think we would survive the loss of the apostrophe. Put away your red pens, English teachers of America!

There are two orioles in the jelly feeders and a big fat squirrel in the tray feeder. My neighbor deports squirrels but I think it's like trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon. We're on our third jar of jelly and the orioles don't show much interest in slowing down. After their eggs hatch, I guess they start eating bugs and caterpillars they find in the trees.

Ella is coming over tomorrow to help make a birthday cake for Gus. It's for us to eat in celebration, not for Gus to eat. We're having the kids and all over for a feast on Monday. We're making indoor pulled pork. I envision people eating this on tortillas with salsa and cheese and sour cream. Regis informs me, however, that there might be people who have an aversion to this idea so we'll provide a few buns for the tortilla-phobes.

Speaking of Gus and cake. I bought the dog-bone shaped pan on Amazon, were we have free shipping. I spotted a five ounce bottle of dog-bone shaped sprinkles that I thought would be fun but I would have to pay shipping on those. Just for a kick, I checked the cost of shipping. Forty five dollars! Forty five dollars to ship a bottles of sprinkles. What the hell. I didn't order them. Haha!

I have a book I'm anxious to read tonight. I'm about halfway through Ordinary Grace, William Kent Kruger's newest book. I love it.

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