Wednesday, May 15, 2013

two old friends go to radiation

Betty took me to radiation yesterday. She came in and waited with a cup of coffee. I forgot to return my beeper, forgot to take the key out of the dressing room door, and forgot to grab a towel. I think they should provide an attendant as there a lot of addled folks wandering unsupervised around that place.

The other day, an old pantsless gentleman forgot to close his blue robe. Ah, well. We're all sort of anonymous in there anyway. If he's having radiation on a part beneath his underwear, he probably doesn't give a damn who he flashes.

Betty and I went to Encore and scored some great bargains, then went to Pappageorge to celebrate.   Betty's had cancer, too, and we talked about what scares us and what doesn't. Mostly, we have decided to forge ahead, come what may. Nobody gets out alive and nobody knows how they're going until they're gone. So why be afraid? Why worry?

I came home to take a long nap and when I woke up, Regis and I relaxed on the patio for the evening. It was a hundred degrees yesterday afternoon and only fifty when we got up this morning.

Ella suggested I get something to shade the sunny end of the patio swing. I found this great scarf at Encore and thought it would be perfect. Good idea, Ella!

Moving on into the day. Gus will come with us to Mankato today. He loves to go through the pharmacy drive-up window because they always give him a treat. My sweet husband, my furry dog, and a beautiful spring day. I have much for which to be grateful this day.

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