Thursday, May 09, 2013

thursday in pictures

Regis and I went to Mankato today. We dropped Gus at the Paw then went to buy groceries. We like to go crowds. My list isn't as organized as it once was but we alright and were out of there in an hour. We went to Guenther's for breakfast then to CVS and Walgreen's. 

I had my 4th radiation treatment and stopped in the chemo room to say hello to the nurses and to my friend Michelle who occupies my old chair once every three weeks.

The pictures are some of the highlights and lowlights of the trip. We had coffee at Caribou and I can say that the scones are not up to the standards to which I have been accustomed, Katie Kruger!

We went to Menard's, AKA the Man Mall to browse around a little bit and to pick up a few essentials. I was overheated (not sure why) so I removed my head scarf. I have a little bit of hair now but I still look a lot like Mr. Clean. Then I notice my damn cardigan sweater is inside-out. Probably since I left radiation which means I had been a lot of places looking like I dressed myself.

I spotted this cool sink and while Regis was scoping out plumbing stuff, I snapped a picture. Like I might buy it.

We walked down the tub aisle (I also have tub envy, Tom.) and were fascinated by this "only one in the store" electronic bidet. I believe the $369 price tag is for the seat only.

I had Regis get a close-up of the controls. I know the picture has some glare but we didn't want to hang there too long being fascinated by the bidet. Between my odd appearance and this thing, we were fast becoming an object of fascination ourselves.

I felt crappy this morning but managed to trudge through all the errands. I came home to put away the perishables and fall into bed. Michelle says she's like a car...when she's out of gas, she is really out of gas. I would say the same.

This afternoon when we were sitting in the living room having our pre-dinner period of lethargy when we had a bird convention in the front yard. At one point, there was a pair of cardinals. three orioles, and a rose-breasted grosbeak. Such nice bursts of color on a gray day.

Well, that's it then. Thursday in pictures. It was a grand day.

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