Friday, May 03, 2013

short post and gratitude

I am still sitting here at 9 o'clock and feeling guilty because my goal was to be vertical and moving by 9 every morning. Maybe it's the feeling guilty part I have to skip...not the sitting around part!

We've had an abundance of birds at our feeders this spring. This morning we had two orioles and a small group of gold finches. So much fun to see them. It was a good way to start my weekend of being grateful.

I'm grateful for the birds that come to our yard. We are happy every time we see a cardinal. We say, "Cardinal in the feeder!" Like it's the first time. They are such a burst of color on our gray landscape...good reason to be grateful.

Regis and Gus were leaving for the dog park as I took some trash out to the dumpster. They came back in the house to say good-bye and I love you. What sweet companions I have. I am grateful.

Tomorrow, we are going to a gathering of friends and family at Tom and Betty's house. We always have fun and laugh and the food is always good. I am lucky and I am grateful.

Monday, I start my radiation treatments in Mankato. I have a wonderful medical team taking care of me. I am lucky to have such easy access to such good care and I am grateful.

Mom and I decided during our visit on Monday that being grateful is a good strategy for life's curve balls. Every time we feel like complaining, we're going to think about gratitude instead. I'm grateful for my mom.

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