Wednesday, May 01, 2013

road trip

We took a road trip to Canby on Monday to visit my mom. It was a nice day to travel. The picture above is Regis's latest gadget. It's a dash cam. He says they are very popular in big cities where people have frequent accidents. I'm not sure we would have captured much action on this trip over the back roads of Minnesota even if the thing had worked. Maybe a manure spreader and a couple of dead skunks.

My sweet husband, the gadget lover. We had a very funny incident on Tuesday morning when we went out for breakfast. Mom drove her car, and because she has lived in a small town all her life, she left the car keys on the console and Regis because he lived in the big city of Philadelphia where the crime rate is higher than southwestern Minnesota, pushed the lock down as he exited the car. All the doors locked and we had to call a neighbor to go into Mom's house with his keys. Regis had also locked the garage door which she never locks. There was a lot of "not MY fault" bandied about. I just laughed.

For years, we have driven past this spot out in the middle of nowhere in Brown County. Last time, we looked it up on the internets, then made a stop to check it out. It's called the Milford Monument and it's a beautiful memorial to 52 settlers of the Milford community who died in the Dakota Wars. The landscape is just corn fields and then this little spot. I was captivated by the angel.

This is Mom's little dog, George. Gus wanted to play with him but he would have none of it. They declared a sort of truce. Gus could watch George and George would ignore Gus unless he got too close.

 We had a nice trip that included lots of visiting, some wine, a pizza from PK Eagen's, and lots of drive time. About an hour from home I told Regis I was tired of being in the car. Reality check...I have been talking about longer car trips and it just might not be a good idea. I'd get a thousand miles away from home and refuse to get back in the car.

I've taken two long car trips in my life. I cried once in a Pizza Hut in DesMoines and I cried once in South Dakota because it was hot and my cousin wouldn't stop at the A&W. I'm a real treat to travel with, as you can see.

Here is our weather forecast for the day, in case you missed it. Dismal news. Absolutely dismal.
The National Weather Service in Twin Cities/Chanhassen has issued a Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow... which is in effect from 3 PM this afternoon to 7 PM CDT Thursday.
* Snow may be heavy at times this evening through the early morning hours.
* Snow accumulation: 6 to 9 inches.
Regis says if this really happens, he is getting in the car and driving south until it gets warm or he runs out of gas. Whichever comes first. I am resigned to it, but I don't like it. Not one bit.


grandma Saum said...

I called this morning to say good by to Regis, but he must have left for the south after he heard the weather forecast. Hope you do do not run into any flooding or tornadoes on your journey, Regis. A little snow in Minnesota might not look so bad.
p.s. Don't lock your car....My ipad is coming today. Wish you were here to help e figure it out.

Marie said...

I'm sure Regis would roll his eyes knowing my truck is in the garage with the keys in it and the door unlocked.